The IFA7™ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is the most prestigious single-event sporting competition in the world for seven-aside football, and is contested by the national teams from Member Associations of IFA7. The 2025 competition will host 16 Nations from around the world.

We will put players and officials, fans, partners, media, and other key stakeholders at the heart of our plans, and create a new platform with opportunities for all.

About Canada – Canada: Since Canada was founded – born of the encounter between indigenous peoples and those of two European nations, France and Britain – it has grown to be one of the most culturally diverse nations on Earth. More than 200 ethnic groups live in Canada; more than 40 cultures are represented in Canada’s ethnic media; and immigration now accounts for more than 50% of Canada’s population growth.

Canada’s love for soccer has grown exponentially in the last 10 years and it is that growth that provide us with the opportunity to host the IFA7™ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2025™.