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2025 World Championship

The UAE and General Entertainment Authority have expressed interest in hosting the IFA7™ World Championship, which provides social integration, international exposure and will be the epicentre of international tourism and business activities. ~ said Asad Shamim Vice-President for IFA7 in the UAE.

The UAE reportedly known for being rich in oil and natural gas has duly spent over $200 billion on infrastructure to accommodate over one million visitors in the past FIFA World Cup in 2022.

With the legacy the past FIFA World Cup, left in the UAE in only makes sense to take advantage of such for the benefit of the people and bring the biggest international 7v7 sporting competition in the world which will not only include the IFA7™ World Championship 2025 in all it’s divisions,  but also the LEGENDS World Championship, which will host some of the most important players of each country, a delightful event to watch from start to the end. ~ said the Daniel Balcorta president of the International Football Association – IFA7.