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The International Football Association 7 better known as IFA7 is the organization responsible for federations and associations for Football 7 world wide. Founded on 2015 by Daniel Balcorta to promote the development of Football 7 in the globe, the headquarters are located in Calgary, Canada. IFA7 has 24 federations as it’s affiliates around the world.2016

Nations Cup – 2015

We opened our world-class events on fall 2015 in Quito, Ecuador. Our first IFA7 Ambassador Ivan “Bam Bam” Hurtado, joins IFA7.

IFA7 a Reality & Growing – 2016

IFA7 a reality and growing exponentially, making the world aware of the beautiful Football 7 Game. Hosted two major international events, World Clubs Championship and COPA AMERICA.

Expansion of operations – 2017

With over 16 affiliates all across the world, we became the top growing sport in the world. The first IFA7 WORLD CUP is hosted in Guatemala and Russia becomes the World Champion. Ambassador’s like Alvaro “Chino” Recoba join IFA7!

Solid Growth and Leadership – 2018

2018 See’s the third World Clubs Championship in which Real Jalisco Futbol Club, earns the title and the Second version of Copa America is hosted in Ecuador.

Records broken – 2019

With audiences of over 10 million during the IFA7 WORLD CUP 2017, and over 6 million during IFA7 COPA AMERICA 2018. IFA7 is now in three continents and keeps on growing at a fast pace.

Looking to the Future -2020

IFA7 will host it’s first World-Class event in the European Continent and the Professional Leagues are the next Big Step!