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World Clubs Championship – Argentina 2016

In the spring, of April 2016, IFA 7 hosted their first ever, World Clubs Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this tournament, teams are fighting for the renowned title of World Clubs Champions. This time around, eight teams from the American continent, were placed into two groups(A or B). From there, they would face off in a round-robin format. All teams came out strong, but in the end, Mexico and Uruguay came out on top. The game consisted of very offensive soccer plays from either sides of the field, which definitely drew attention from nearby crowds. Both Mexico and Uruguay had very strategic plays, that they were determined to put into attack. Finally, after an extended, firm, and impressive game, Mexico came out on top. Soon after, they were presented with the World Clubs Cup, which they held up high. We are proud to say that we look forward to the 2017 World Clubs Championship in the future.