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World Cup – Guatemala, 2017.

In the fall of October 2017, IFA 7 hosted their first ever seven a side World Cup Championship. Hosted in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, Retalhuleu, Guatemala, they included fourteen teams, and in total, three continents. It was set up in a round-robin format, where four groups (A,B,C and D), consisted of three/four teams which were placed accordingly, by a draw held about a month before the event started. Although many teams tried to claim the World Cup Championship title for their own, the home team of Guatemala showed great promise, in their skills and soccer etiquette. They managed to make it into the riveting final, where the home country faced the preeminent country of Russia. The game itself, was an electrifying awakening. Both teams pushed immensely, to win this thrilling occasion. In the end, Russia proved for being superior over Guatemala, and went home with the pleasure of the title: World Cup Champions. The Cup was presented by none other than Daniel Balcorta, the President of the International Football Association 7.