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To protect the rights of our sponsors

Due to the enormous cost of staging such a large event, IFA7 would not be able to organize the tournament without the significant support of its Commercial Affiliates. They make vital financial contributions to ensure that this privately funded event can be staged. In return for this vital support, IFA7’s rights holders are guaranteed an association with the competition, especially through the right to use the Official Marks (e.g. the Official Emblem and the Official Mascot) in their promotions and advertising.

IFA7’s rights holders will only invest in the IFA7 World Cup if they are provided with this exclusivity. If anyone could use the Official Marks for free and create an association with the IFA7 World Cup, there would be no reason to become a rights holder and as a result IFA7 would be unable to secure the funding necessary to stage the event. Therefore, IFA7 is obliged to act when non-affiliated entities do not respect IFA7’s intellectual property and conduct activities that commercially associate with the IFA7 World Cup.